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Dear friends and colleagues!

You are welcomed by the Black Sea branch of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences.

We are a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to promote the effective use of scientific potential of environmental scientists and professionals working in various spheres to ensure the ecological security of the region.

Our Objectives

  • Support outreach and awareness on the Black Sea environmental issues;
  • Development of scientific bases of sustainable use of the Black Sea natural resources, including fundamentally new approaches to environmental monitoring and effective environmental management;
  • Document and disseminate expierience and best practice to address Black Sea environment issuses and natural resourses management;
  • Greening of the economy, environmentally friendly approaches developement and dissemination (alternative energy sources, green tourism);
  • Strengthen capacity of civil society to address Black Sea environment issues through engagement in policy making, strengthen scientific society and civil society partnership;
  • Strengthen capacity and networking of environmental NGO's in the Black Sea region;
  • Support of environmental education;
  • International collaboration, active participation in the international programmers and projects



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